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AshleyArin is an exciting, entertaining, and enthusiastic Middle Eastern dance professional. She performs and instructs throughout Tennessee and Southern Kentucky including Nashville, Clarksville, Knoxville, Fort Campbell, and Bowling Green.

Her training in traditional Raks Sharki (Belly Dance) and authentic Mid-East folk dances give her a broad range of dances to captivate her audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Offering lively, vivacious
 energy along with elegance and professionalism, AshleyArin is everything your crowd could want in an entertainer. In addition to her solo career, AshleyArin is a member of Atlantis World Dance Company, Nashville's premier entertainment group; offering dance performances from the Middle East and beyond.

AshleyArin is also an accomplished instructor, offering all levels of Belly Dance classes throughout the Clarksville area. Her students are known for their technique, grace, and stage presence, especially evident in her student troupes, The Ladies of Lada and Troupe Thalia.